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Where should you sit during your airport transfer?


 If you’re travelling to Morzine, Avoriaz or Les Gets this winter, your position in the transfer van probably isn’t that high on your priority list, but where you choose to sit can make or break your airport transfer. As with any airport transfer from Geneva, you’ll be gaining altitude and travelling on windy roads, often in snowy conditions, which you might not be used to, so where you sit can be key to enjoyment. Get your winter holiday off to the best possible start with our definitive guide to which seat is best for you in any situation.

Our vans have three rows and can accommodate eight passengers; two in the front next to the driver, three in the middle and three in the back. And they have a sliding door on one side for passengers to get in and out of the back and middle rows. Here are your best seating options:


Airport Transfers

The anatomy of a Getaway Van.

If you’re travelling with kids


If you’re travelling with kids there are a few laws that must be followed when driving in France and Switzerland. Firstly, children aged ten and under aren’t allowed to sit in the front and secondly children weighing under 36kg must have a booster seat. We provide booster seats so if you’re travelling with little ones just let us know and we’ll bring the appropriate number.


As we all know, some kids (and grown-ups) are prone to car sickness, especially on thin, winding roads, so in that case the best pace for them to sit is in the middle seat of the middle row, or next to the door in the middle row. This means they’ll still be able to get a good view out the window while being close to the exit in case they need to get some fresh air. Even if your kids don’t get carsick, the middle row in general is a great choice as they’ll get the best views.


If you’re travelling with a baby


If your child weighs 18kg or less, they’re required by law to sit in a baby seat with a five-point harness – let us know if you’re bringing a baby, we will supply a baby seat and fit it front or rear facing for you. Babies generally aren’t that bothered about what’s going on out the window so a good place to sit them is in the middle seat of the back row, or the seat furthest from the door of the back or middle rows. If they’re likely to be fast asleep during the journey the back row is probably your best bet, but take the middle row if you think they might need to stop for some fresh air as it’ll be easier to get out.


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Getaway Pooch in his favourite seat.


If you get carsick


If you get car sick, the front is a great choice as it means you can see more of what’s going on around you and help your brain and body align. And you’ll also enjoy great views, access to the air conditioning controls, and great chat from your driver! However, it’s also worth noting that if it’s snowing heavily, the front may not be the best choice, as it can be very disorientating having all those snowflakes flying towards you.


If you want to look out the window


Again if you want to make the most of those mountain views, the front is a great choice. Your driver will even be able to point out local landmarks en route. If you don’t manage to get a front row seat, next to the window in the middle row is another excellent choice.


Airport Transfer

If you think you might need to stop for some fresh air, sitting by the door is always a good choice.


If you want to learn about the resort you’re visiting


The front row or the middle seat of the middle row are the best positions to be able to hear your driver and learn all about Morzine, Avoriaz or Les Gets.


If you want to put your headphones in and get some shuteye


Get yourself to the back row, furthest away from the door, and lean up against the window if you want to catch up on maximum sleep. Once you’re there you won’t have to worry about moving for others to get in or out, you can just put your favourite playlist on and drift off.


Airport Transfer

Windy roads aren’t ideal for travel sickness or hangovers.


If you’re hungover


If you’re heading into an airport transfer fresh from a big night out, you might be tempted to go for the window seat in the back row, but this could be a mistake if you’re feeling a bit ropey. Instead we’d recommend sitting in the back row but next to the door, or by the window in the middle row so you can get some fresh air if you need to.


If you’re very tall and want lots of legroom


If you have long legs, try sitting in the back row closest to the door, the step will give you a little extra space to put your feet.


We hope that helps you plan your journey a little better! If you have any more questions or you’d like to book your airport transfers for this winter (it’s only six weeks away!), don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can even book your airport transfers online. If you’d like to find out more about which of our airport transfer options you’d like to book, try reading this blog for a quick explanation.